Company policy:

Our company, aware of the issues and challenges of the day, continues to develop to consolidate more and more its notoriety and its position in a national market marked by strong competition and therefore ensure its competitiveness and sustainability.


ECDE is committed to:

Comply with the laws and regulations applicable to their field of activity, as well as the subscribed requirements,

Continuously listening to interested parties (staff, customers, service providers, suppliers, partners, public authorities, etc.), to fully meet their needs, expectations and requirements,

Identify, manage and control the risks associated with its activity and seize the opportunities that arise,

Sustain the cement activity through the rational and economical use of natural resources (raw materials and energy),

Reconcile economic, social and environmental performance by implementing innovative, more efficient processes allowing:

Preservation of natural resources,

Reduction of atmospheric emissions,

Control of waste management,

The reduction of risks related to the health and safety of personnel.

Continuously modernize its production tool,

Direct marketing efforts for manufactured products towards export by diversifying our products,

Ensure an effective human resource by the permanent development of skills through appropriate training,

Preserve the health & safety of people and property by:

Improving working conditions,

Prevention of accidents and damage to health,

Improving response capacities in emergency and crisis situations.

Set progress objectives aimed at controlling environmental aspects and significant risks.

Encourage consultation and participation of Staff / Representatives,

Strengthen communication with interested parties.

We have major strengths:

  • An efficient production tool,
  • Large deposits of raw materials,
  • A staff mobilized around the objectives,
  • Know-how at a satisfactory level both in operating and maintenance operations,
  • A good geographical position.