As a major economic player in the ECH-CHELIFF region, ECDE actively contributes to the development and quality of life of the region.

The company’s commitments in terms of environmental protection are part of an objective of sustainable development and sustainability, making it possible to systematize the continuity of the actions undertaken with a constant desire to improve environmental results while respecting the regulation and better management of our activities and practices.It is in this capacity that we are committed to:

• Set up an environmental management system in accordance with the ISO 14001: 2004 standard in order to equip ourselves with assessment, monitoring and control tools with a view to better control of our impact on the environment and preventing possible pollution risks.

• Raise awareness and train staff so as to instill an environmental culture and involve it in everyday work.

• Use in particular during replacement or improvement investments the best available and economically acceptable technologies.

• Encourage service providers, customers and suppliers to adopt rules of conduct favorable to a healthy environment.

• Complete a policy of redeveloping quarries and rehabilitating closed sites.The ECDE has undertaken during the last decade a vast program of investment for the improvement and the protection of the environment, aiming at the same time to answer the requirements expressed by our customers and principals, and to respect the legislation on all questions relating to the Environment and Sustainable Development.


The manufacturing process is controlled from the quarry to shipment by the company’s laboratory which ensures rigorous control of the products, meeting the Algerian Standard in force (NA 442/2013).These analyzes are monitored by an accredited national laboratory, CETIM Boumerdès, for additional control.

Main operations carried out in terms of environmental protection:

• Modernization of bag filters throughout the plant,

• Replacement of gravel filters with bag filters,

• Installation and commissioning of bag filters to replace the electrostatic precipitators at the 03 cement grinders and the Cru workshop.

• Commissioning of opacimeters

• Reforestation of the Sidi Laroussi quarry (Plantation of 500 olive trees),

• Paving of tracks at the plant and quarry,

• Acquisition of various cleaning equipment and materials.

The installation of this equipment had a positive impact since it made it possible to reduce the rate of dust emission into the atmosphere, much lower than the Algerian standard in force which requires a value less than or equal to 30 mg / Nm3. .

This new technology filtration system has had a positive impact on the environment of our company, as it has made it possible to:

• Significantly reduce the dust emission rate to <10 mg / m3, while the Algerian standard in force requires a value less than or equal to 30 mg / Nm3,

• Recover a large quantity of raw material (+ 15%),

• Achieve a good level of environmental performance;

• Save industrial water consumption after eliminating the conditioning tower, which has brought us a gain of 220m3 / day.

• Strengthen the confidence of our partners (customers, ordering parties, administrations, residents, insurers, etc.);

Quarry management and rehabilitation

A rehabilitation of the closed sites of the limestone quarry of Sidi Laroussi resulting in the Planting of 500 olive trees and more than 4,000 cypress and Aleppo pine trees was carried out in 2014, this operation aims at an ecological management of the quarry during the operation and the transformation of depleted areas into non-damaged and reforested areas in accordance with the mining and environmental regulations in force