Communication nowadays is becoming an issue contributing to strengthening relationships with our customers and partners to always listen to them and meet their expectations in a very restrictive socio-economic environment.


This website, being like a portal allowing interactive communication and sharing of information with customers and partners on the activities, development and prospects of the company.Despite the socio-economic stakes and challenges of the current economic situation, ECDE is sparing no effort to consolidate more and more its notoriety and its position on a national market marked by strong competition and consequently to ensure its competitiveness and its sustainability.Thanks to its indisputable benchmark in strategic management and the professionalism of its staff, ECDE has today become one of the national leaders in the cement industry.ECDE will continue its efforts to improve, perform and continuously improve in technical and managerial areas by committing to:• Identify, manage and control the risks associated with its activity and seize the opportunities that arise,• Sustain the cement activity by rational and economical use of natural resources (raw materials and energy),• Reconcile economic, social and environmental performance by implementing innovative, more efficient and sustainable processes,• Continuously modernize its production tool,• Direct marketing efforts for manufactured products towards export by diversifying our products,• Ensure an effective human resource by the permanent development of skills through appropriate training,• Manage staff succession, especially for key positions,• Preserve the health & safety of people and goodsAs the head of the company, I undertake to mobilize all the human, organizational, material and financial resources necessary to implement company policy.All stakeholders in society must actively contribute to the success of this process and fully adhere to the Company’s Policy.